Our heritage

The d-Piano Lab functions mainly in the Coloured communities of Stellenbosch. During classes we realised that the children were unfamiliar with the music used by the American tutor books. We also realised that the old circle song games of the Coloured community were completely forgotten and dying out. At the Stellenbosch University, dr Mathilda Burden did research on this cultural heritage, which she regularly highlights during talks and lectures. We were inspired to create our own tutor book using the circle games of our kids’ grandparents as learning material. In this way we try to revive the old culture of song games and integrate it into a literate collaboration for the next generation.

Piano teachers are invited to download the sheet music for free to use as supplementary teaching material/sight reading:

  1. Môre gaan my suster trou (PDF)
  2. Sak tamaties (PDF)
  3. Sannie draai die maan (PDF)
  4. Waar was Anne die hele aand? (PDF)
  5. Dit is 'n blom (PDF)
  6. Daar kom die lorrie (PDF)

More to follow soon!

  • Paul Bothner Music
  • NAC SA
  • Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport
  • Rupert Musiekstigting
  • Stellenbosch High School