our concert programmes

mercedes Geduldt

Classic Dance
This Land is Your Land

georgia jooste

Let's play Ball!
The Dance Band

denay forbes
The Dance Band
Elephant Ride
Yankee Doodle

bailey williams

Petite Minuet

ryan williams

Come see the Parade
Russian Dance
Allegro (Giuliani)

jordanne le roux

Flute of the Andes

A  mixed-up Song

Runaway Rabbit

eden geduldt

No Moon tonight
Forest Drums
Lightly Row

Lenaye adams

Elephant Ride

Come see the Parade

Allegro (Giuliani)

danique heynes

Adagio & Allegro (JC Bach)
Aurora Borealis 
Shallow  (Lady Gaga)

mia samuels

Vivace in a minor (Carulli)
Bittersweet Blues
Yesterday (Lennon/McCartney)

danelle jephtas

March on D-E-F
The Dance Band

thaine james

Glow Worm
Latin Lady
Smartie Pants

Diego mitchell

This Land is My Land
Can you feel the Love?
James Bond Theme

jaimee le roux

Fifties Serenade
Smoky Mountain Prelude

amy scott

Beethoven's Moonlight 
Carillon Fantasia
Autumn Ballad

zoƫ samuels

Arabesque (Burgmuller)
When the Sun Rises
Autumn Ballad

craig petersen

Risoluto (JC Bach)
Whirlwind (Gurlitt)
Jazz Reflection

mattheus petersen

The Queen's Royal Entrance
Pirate of the Nort Sea
Peter Pan's Flight

caira meyer

In an Old castle
Sword Dance
Jazz Blast

shannon klaasen

Tumbleweed Blues
Two Guitars

dominick williams

Party Song

Boogie on Broadway

Scarf Dance

noah appollis

Song for a Scarecrow

Jazzy Joe

Shepherd's Song